Bienvenue à Quebec

This year’s Cochrane Colloquium is being held in Quebec City, Canada, situated on the shores of the St. Lawrence river, one of the largest rivers of the world. Founded in 1608, this old city is rich in history and an apt home for this year’s Colloquium: Better knowledge for better health – Un meilleur savoir pour une meilleure santé.

Today was all about registration and Cochrane business meetings, as well as the traditional newcomers’ session. We are looking forward to the welcome reception to be held at the magnificant Musée de la Civilisation.

Tomorrow kicks off with the opening ceremony and the first plenary: Better knowledge for better heath: effectiveness and Efficiency. the learning objectives for this plenary are:

1. Recognize the role of evidence to support health care decision-making.
2. Acquire an understanding of the history of The Cochrane Collaboration
and its contribution to evidence-based decisions in health care.
3. Identify future opportunities for The Cochrane Collaboration to support
evidence informed health care and health systems.

Follow our blog for daily highlights of this important event within the realm of evidence-informed health care.

The Joan of Arc park in Quebec City

The Joan of Arc park in Quebec City


About Centre for Evidence-based Health Care

Evidence-based health care is the use of best evidence to inform healthcare decision-making to improve patient care. The Centre for Evidence-based Health Care develops, teaches and promotes evidence-based health care (EBHC) at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of all healthcare professionals; provides EBHC support and resources to healthcare professionals to help maintain the highest standards of healthcare practice; and enhances the use of best evidence by government, non-governmental organizations and the private sector in healthcare policy and practices. The Centre works in collaboration with a number of local and international institutions. The key principles are to encourage dialogue, enhance EBHC activities and to avoid duplication.
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